All Parties Benefit More from Mediation Than Volatile Divorce Proceedings

Most divorces come with some degree of stress and often drawn-out disputes that wreak havoc with the lives of all parties involved. Children are especially vulnerable during this time, because they are often confused about the process and aren’t sure of how they are supposed to feel or react when their parents separate. There is a better way for all parties involved, and that is mediation. With mediation, a neutral party can help both the petitioner and respondent come to an agreement in a calm atmosphere where no fighting is involved. Just because two people are going their separate ways, it does not mean that they have to be damaged forever, and mediation can make the process as quick and as beneficial as possible to all parties. Your divorce law attorney in Rockville Centre, NY, can guide you on the path of creating a settlement through mediation.

Discover the Benefits

In addition to being more peaceful than divorce proceedings, mediation is often much cheaper than full-blown divorce proceedings as well. It allows for more flexibility to help parties come to agreement on everything from child support and custody, to property division, alimony and everything else that typical divorces entail. When you begin the process, it will be much better for children to have their parents separate in peace than to watch them have a brawl in court.

An Attorney with Experience

Consult with Simon & Milner today to learn about the various options that are available, including mediation. Their law office has an excellent reputation in Rockville Centre and surrounding communities. Visit their website at for contact information and for information about their attorneys and practice areas. They are attorneys you can trust and have years of experience in divorce and other family law matters.

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