After the Cremation: Planning Funerals in Allentown, PA

After giving the matter a lot of thought, the decision is made to specify that cremation is to take place before the memorial service is held. Settling this aspect of the planning ensures that the family does not have to make the decision of whether to hold the service before the cremation and go to the expense of renting a casket and dealing with the other related expenses. Along with deciding that the service will take place after the cremation, there are several other aspects to these types of funerals in Allentown PA that deserve attention.

Choosing the Urn

Since the plan is for the ashes to be present at the memorial service, it pays to select an urn with that fact in mind. Professionals who plan funerals in Allentown PA can provide suggestions for urns that can be purchased now and then stored until the owner passes away. While suggestions are always helpful, remember that the final choice should be in line with the personal tastes of the individual.

Selecting a Photograph

With funerals or memorial services that take place after cremations, it’s become traditional to place a framed photograph next to the urn. This often involves placing a table in the space where a coffin would normally be displayed. It helps to choose a photograph that is no larger than the height of the urn, and go with a frame that picks up the same materials or colors used for the urn. Doing so provides a more unified look for the focal point of the the service.

The Service Structure

The funeral itself can include any elements desired by the individual, That includes quotes from sacred or other literary works, hymns or songs that had meaning for the deceased, and time set aside for loved ones to share memories with those assembled. A funeral director can help the next of kin develop a format for the service itself as well as provide ideas for how to position the urn along with other elements in a place of honor.

Remember that every decision made in advance is one less detail that grieving loved ones have to address. Contact a funeral director today and get to work on that advance planning. When the time comes, those who are left behind will be grateful for this final act of kindness.

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