Affordable Storage Facilities in Connecticut: The History of Storage Units

When a person starts digging around to learn more about the history of Affordable Storage Facilities in Connecticut, they want to read something about the long lost days of antiquities. They want to read about how the Greeks or the Romans helped shaped storage units and their role in society today. While that may sound like a great story a story is all that it is. History suggests that storage facilities originated in China. There is not a lot of evidence to suggest that Ancient China used these storage places though. The very first storage facility was launched in the year 1958. By the year 1960, the industry was slowly beginning to expand.

The unfortunate truth is that the history of Affordable Storage Facilities in Connecticut is not nearly as interesting as some people hope it is. While there is some speculation that it may have all started in China, the first documentation of storage units is a family in Florida who invented storage facilities in the 1960’s.
Most people could really care less about the history of storage facilities. You should, however, want to examine the history of an individual storage facility. This is because an older storage facility that has been at that location for a long time is a good sign. The storage facility has to be making money in order to continue to stay in service. Obviously, people are not going to do business with a storage facility for a long time that treats them badly.

The problem with new storage facilities is that you do not have a lot of information to use in order to do some research about the facility. There also is not likely to be a lot of information about the reputation of a brand new storage facility either. Try getting the storage unit before you need it and put a couple boxes of things that are not important in the unit. Then, you will be able to make sure that your items are safe within the unit. This includes safe from theft and safe from damages caused by the environment.

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