Affordable Self-Storage Units in York PA

Storage units everywhere are in high demand. More and more people are moving to big cities and living in small apartments. Those who have lived in the same home for thirty years are running out of space. This materialistic society results in people believing they have to own the latest and greatest versions of all types of products.
The laws of supply and demand hold true as pricing for units has begun to skyrocket. Self-Storage units in York, PA can command top dollar every month, and many do. Affordable storage can be difficult to find.

Factors in Pricing

Security of the facility is a major factor in determining the price of rent for units. Those companies that provide high levels of security, such as a security guard on the premises, multiple surveillance cameras, and electronic gates, will often charge high rates to cover the costs of that much security. Lower priced units are more likely to have fencing and lighting, but no guard.

The size of the unit also effects the price. Larger units, those that are climate-controlled, and units within a closed structure will come at a premium price. Individual units with exterior access will be less expensive for the same size. The variety of sizes will also be a factor due to the convenience selection affords customers.

There are Exceptions

Some storage facilities, such as A Better Rate Storage, offer a variety of unit sizes with excellent security at affordable pricing. Those that have been in business for over twenty years realize that affordable pricing helps ensure a large customer base. Many have a waiting list of customers to contact as units become available. High pricing is not a necessary element to the success of the business.

Added Customer Services

Experienced business owners also know the benefits of added value services. Free use of a moving truck upon signing a new lease, online or auto pay options, and individual codes for the gate are a few examples of amenities that continue to attract new customers. Always compare Self-Storage units in York, PA before selecting a facility.

Well lit lots, interior lighting in every unit, and 24/7 access to belongings are also greatly appreciated by customers. Unit sizes range from twenty-four square feet to twelve-hundred and seventy-two square feet. Month to month leases, as well as long-term options, are ideal for those who may have temporary storage needs.