Advertise Your Business With Promotional Tote Bags

by | Jan 17, 2014 | Shopping

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As a business owner you know how important it is to keep your name in your customers’ minds. The difficulty is finding an effective way to do this that is cost effective and also practical. The good news is that there is a marketing option that can provide all these benefits, and it can be found in the form of promotional tote bags.

Promotional tote bags can come in a range of different sizes, shapes and for all types of uses. There are very small bags that are perfect to use as bags for small purchase. You can also give away larger promotional tote bags as part of a campaign or a special offer.


You want your company brand, name or logo promoted on the tote bag as this will remind your customer about your business with every use. You can choose to be elaborate and elegant with the design or it can be very simple and streamlined.

Placing your brand, logo or company name on the bag acts as ongoing advertising everywhere that the customer takes the bag. By creating and interesting bag design you are sure to get people to notice.

Ongoing Benefits

One way to encourage customers to return to your store is to offer a discount if they use the promotional tote bags the next time that they shop. For example, a local grocery store could offer promotional tote bags to each customer for a week and then, after the promotion, give a small discount each time the customer uses the promotional tote bags with a purchase in the future.

The saving in paying for plastic and paper bags will add up plus even a small discount is sure to keep your customer returning for their grocery purchases week after week.

Sends a Message

In addition to offering Incentives to your customers to return and marketing your brand, promotional tote bags also send a clear message about your concern for the community and environment.

Customers that value your care for the environment through promoting reusable promotional tote bags will definitely talk about your efforts to others in the community. This creates a true win-win with your customer base increasing while also protecting the environment from plastic waste.