Advantages Offered by Steel Doors and Using Steel Door Contractors in Ocean City, NJ

If you are installing a new door, there are a number of things you need to consider. While there are a number of material options available, you should consider the benefits offered by steel. Steel doors are ideal for any exterior-facing space that needs to withstand exterior elements or heavy traffic. While these doors are commonly installed by Steel Door Contractors in Ocean City, NJ for commercial and retail establishments, they can also be used in residential areas.

Steel Door Construction

Steel doors are not just a solid steel slab. Instead, they are comprised of polyurethane or polystyrene cores that are then encased by the steel cover. It is a good idea to try and purchase a door that has a gauge that ranges from 16 to 24 to achieve a maximum level of durability.

What You should Look For

When you are looking for a steel door, you may want to discuss the options with Steel Door Contractors in Ocean City, NJ to determine what the best option for your needs actually is. You should ensure that the door has the proper cutouts and the design complements your establishment. There are a number of manufacturers that have doors that are solid, while others prefer the window cutouts, various colors and even framing designs to customize the exterior of your establishment.

Fire-Rated Benefits

It is important to note that steel doors are not all fire resistant. In fact, even a wood door can be fire-rated. Generally speaking, fire resistance steel doors offer a 20 gauge steel skin and have a 20-minute fire rating. This means they are able to block the extensive flame and heat for a total of 20 minutes in order to allow you and all of your customers or employees to get out of the building.

If you are ready to install steel doors in your establishment, Contact South Jersey Glass & Door. Here you can talk with professional contractors who can help you create the look and protection for your building you want. This can be extremely beneficial in protecting your business and those who are inside.

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