Advantages Of Using Dental Implants for Missing Teeth in Howell

Anyone who has ever experienced tooth loss knows how devastating it can be. Missing teeth not only affect the way a person eats, speaks and smiles, but also it can have a negative impact on how they feel about their appearance and their self-esteem as well. This can be very damaging in many aspects of their life. This makes it important that anyone dealing with this type situation contact their Family Dentist in Howell to find out what types of treatments they might benefit from.

People can experience tooth loss for a number of reasons. Sometimes a tooth is lost because of an injury, accident, illness or poor dental habits. Regardless of the reason, having missing teeth can be very difficult for many people to live with. In the past, most people who saw their Family Dentist in Howell about this type of problem were faced with either having to have dentures or a dental bridge. These treatments could help in replacing the lost teeth, but often they were uncomfortable or even painful. In addition, sometimes they would move or even fall out when a person was eating or speaking. This could result in a very embarrassing situation that many people could find upsetting.

Today a Family Dentist in Howell may recommend Dental Implants to a patient with this type of problem. Unlike other types of treatments, dental implants can be a very stable and secure way of replacing missing teeth. A dental implant does not move in the mouth because the implant is actually allowed to bond with the patient’s jawbone. This is beneficial in stopping the movement of the replacement teeth.

Dental implants involve a surgical procedure where the dentist will actually place a metal rod into the patient’s jawbone. This rod is made of a biocompatible material so that it will be able to bond with the jawbone. This is called osseointegration and it is critical in the process. The dentist will not affix dental appliances, such as crowns, dentures or bridges, to the rods until this process is complete and the rod is unmovable in the patient’s mouth.

This type of tooth replacement provides patients with natural looking teeth without the worries that come along with replacement teeth, which are not permanently affixed in the mouth. This can make activities such as eating, smiling and speaking much easier. This can restore a person’s self-confidence and esteem as well.