Advantages of Seeing a Cosmetic Dentist in Louisville, KY for Teeth Whitening

Many people are very interested in finding ways to improve their appearance. They try a variety of treatments and other procedures that will help make them look and feel better about the way they look and feel about themselves. One of the many areas that many are concerned with is the appearance of their teeth. Often a person may think that their teeth look dull, stained or discolored. In such cases, it can be a good idea to consider teeth whitening from a cosmetic dentist in Louisville, KY.

While many people may consider using an over the counter kit to handle their teeth whitening needs, many times this is not the best idea. Most kits offer very limited results. In addition, they can require a number of treatments and this can require a lot of time and sometimes money, depending on how many kits the person will need to purchase. A dentist will generally be able to offer a patient a much better type of treatment.

A Cosmetic Dentist in Louisville, KY will generally begin teeth whitening treatments on a patient by first professionally cleaning their teeth. This can be a great advantage in helping to get the tooth whitening product directly on the teeth. A dentist will also spend time creating dental tray that is custom fitted to the patient’s mouth. This will enable the whitening product to coat the teeth much better than other trays can offer. The whitening gel will be added to the tray and then the tray placed on the patient’s teeth. A heat lamp or laser light will then be applied to the gel, which will speed up the process and enable it to work better.

The whitening product will be left on the patient’s teeth for a period of time, but when the treatment is completed, the patient will be able to see immediate results. While many at home treatments need to be applied over a period of weeks, Teeth whitening done at the office of Cosmetic Dentist Dr. David L. Shorten is condensed into only a few short visits. This can be a great advantage for anyone who desires the look of whiter and brighter teeth, but does not have a lot of extra time. Results obtained through professional whitening treatments will also last longer than those one achieves using a store bought kit.