Advantages of Regularly Visiting an Office for Eye Care Services

It is important for all people to visit an office offering Eye Care Services on a regular basis. During these visits, an eye doctor can perform tests to determine not only how well a person can see but also the health of their eyes. This can be very important in making sure a patient does not develop issues with their eyes that can worsen if left untreated.

Most eye care professionals recommend that healthy adults visit their eye doctor once every other year. However, children and people over the age of 60 should see their doctor at least once a year. This allows the eye doctor a chance to assess if the condition of the patient’s eyes has changed, or their vision is declining.

During a visit at an office for Eye Care Services, a patient will first undergo some tests that allow the doctor to see how healthy the patient’s eyes are. These tests involve examining testing the pressure of the fluids in the eye and examining the curvature of the cornea in the eye. Tests will also be done to examine how well the muscles of the eye move. Knowing if there have been changes in these areas can help a doctor in determining if the patient has health issues or physical problems with their eyes.

Once the physical aspects of the eyes are checked, the doctor will generally begin testing how well the patient sees. A visual acuity test involves the patient reading a chart of letters so the eye doctor can determine if they have vision issues. Other vision tests are color vision tests, depth perception, and blind spot tests. Based on these tests, the doctor can determine if corrective lenses will help the patient see better.

If the patient needs glasses or contacts, he or she will need to go through a refraction process. This involves the use of two optometry measures that can tell a doctor what strength of lenses will help the patient see more clearly. This can often take a bit of time, but it is necessary so the eye doctor can prescribe lenses in the proper lens prescription strength for the patient.

Seeing an eye doctor on a regular basis is important for everyone. Such visits allow a professional a chance to evaluate the condition of a person’s eyes and eyesight. If problems exist, corrections can be made. For more information, please visit

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