Advantages of PVC Roofing

The integrity of the building relies on the roofing system. While there are many different materials to choose from, one material that is gaining recognition in the industry is PVC. This material has a number of advantages that are especially suited to flat roof home styles. These are some of the advantages of choosing this type of material for the roof.

One of the advantages of PVC Roofing is that the roofing material can be sealed with heat. Using heat on the seams of the roof helps to produce watertight seams. Since flat roofs are especially vulnerable to seam leakage, this material will help to prevent this problem before it starts. Seams can also be sealed around vents and air conditioning units to help water from getting into the home. Some systems will include a breathable system that also helps to prevent mold growth.

Another advantage is the lifespan of a PVC roof. Many of these types of roofs will last approximately thirty years or more. Thus, this reduces the replacement and future maintenance costs. Once the roof has reached its lifespan, this material can also be fully recycled. Instead of winding up in the dump, the PVC will get new life in new roofing applications.

The fire rating of PVC Roofing is also very high. For buildings that need that fire rating, this material is an option to look at. The PVC is resistant to combustion. As long as there is no heat source, the roof will not burn. This is ideal in areas where a lot of burning of waste happens where sparks can potentially harm roofing material. Since the material doesn’t burn, there is less environmental hazards released when the roof is exposed to embers or sparks.

These are some of the advantages of using PVC material for roofing applications. One of the biggest types of roofs this will help is the flat roof where water leakage often causes major issues. While this roof will benefit, other styles of roof may benefit from the use of this material. For more information on the PVC type of roof, contact Roofing Solutions LLC.

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