Advantages of Hiring a Disability Attorney in Muskegon MI to Help With Filing the Claim

Most people who file for Social Security disability benefits start by filling out paperwork without professional assistance. They send in the paperwork and their medical records to the Administration. The Administration, in turn, denies most of the claims. A Disability Attorney in Muskegon MI can prevent claim denial by helping the individual complete the paperwork properly and by verifying that all required documentation from healthcare providers is included.

Avoiding Months of Financial Struggle

Trying to save a little money by not hiring a Disability Attorney in Muskegon MI right from the start often leads to months of efforts to have a request for reconsideration or an appeal approved. Once the Administration finally does agree that the claimant deserves disability benefits, back payments can be sent, with a limit of 12 months of payments. In the meantime, however, this individual may struggle financially.

Effectively Proving Long-Term Disability

Attorneys with an organization such as Bleakley Law Offices P C know how the Social Security Administration works and the information they insist upon before agreeing that a claimant is truly unable to earn a living. As with many federal government forms, the paperwork can be very difficult for the average individual to figure out. Essentially, the applicant has the task of proving to the Social Security Administration that he or she is eligible for long-term disability benefits.

Managing the Complex Application Process

Filing for Social Security disability benefits is significantly more complex than filing for unemployment compensation, for example, and workers at unemployment offices commonly help applicants fill out those forms. In contrast, instead of requesting further information from applicants for disability benefits, the agency simply rejects applications that have even small problems. Having a lawyer help with filing a claim greatly increases the odds of success.

Dealing With Claim Denial

After claim denial, hiring a lawyer becomes especially important for the person to file a request for reconsideration or an appeal. Many wait too long because they felt discouraged and bewildered about the process. After the deadline for these options passes, the only recourse now is to start all over with a new application for benefits.

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