Advantages For Hiring a Metal Roofing Company in St. Charles MO when Installing a Metal Roof

Using a metal roof for your business is a great way to ensure protection and durability without having a lot of maintenance. Hiring a metal roofing company in St. Charles MO is a great way to get started with the process.

Types of Roofing

There are 5 styles of metal roofing, allowing individuals to choose which style they feel would be best for their business.

  • Copper metal roofing is the most eye-catching of all the metals. Copper gives a more elegant look to the roof, making it popular for houses or sit down restaurants.
  • Tin roofing can be dipped in molten, making it extra strong and resistant against weather and other elements.
  • Aluminum. Aluminum is used quite frequently in wetter climates and is a rust-proof material. It is also known to be longer lasting than the other metals and will not need replacing if well taken care of.
  • Galvalume roofs are a steel roof coated with zinc and an aluminum compound. It is quite popular with homes and business that are near a coastline or other salty waters.
  • Galvanized Steel roofs may be installed in the form of shingles, standing seam units, and metal sheets. It is coated with zinc which helps protect against corrosion and oxidation.

Advantages of a Metal Roof

  • Metal roofs can last for a whole century before needing to be replaced with warranties lasting up to 50 years.
  • If looking to stick to a budget, metal roofs over time is a more cost-effective route than asphalt shingles, as they have longer longevity.
  • Metal roofs are environmentally friendly since they can consist of a high percentage of recycled materials while being recyclable themselves.
  • When the time comes to replace or add a roof to your business, there are many advantages for hiring a metal roofing company in St. Charles MO.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Roofing Company

  • A professional company will have the right materials for the building as well as the climate.
  • Professionals must follow strict local and regional codes when it comes to installing a roof. This ensures the roof is installed correctly and remains in compliance with said codes.
  • Certified contractors will take proper safety precautions while working. They will also carry liability insurance which will protect you from being financially responsible should an incident occur.

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