Administering Bee Removal in Nassau County

When a homeowner discovers they have a honey bee hive on their property, they will most likely want to have it removed so those using the area are not at risk for becoming stung. Most people will call a professional to come to the home to do Bee Removal in Nassau County. This will ensure the honey bees are eliminated in their entirety and will aid in keeping those on the property from becoming injured during the process. Here are some steps a homeowner can take to ensure those on the property remain safe before the pest control service arrives.

Avoid The Area Where The Hive Is Located

It is best to remain in areas away from the bee hive until a pest control service can do their procedures in removing it in its entirety. If people do need to go to an area near the vicinity of the hive, they should do so during dark hours if possible. At this time bees will be likely to be in the hive and not flying around the property.

Wear Light Clothing When Going Outside Of The Home

Bees become agitated when they see bright colors as they will remind them of flowers. If someone needs to go outside of the home, they should wear white to help in keeping bees docile. Beekeepers wear white clothing as lighter colors do not cause bees to become anxious.

Use A Bee Deterrent To Keep Intruders from Getting Inside

It is a good idea to use a honey bee deterrent to keep these pests out of the home. Honeybees do not care for the smell of garlic. A clove of garlic can be crushed and placed in a spray bottle full of water. This can then be used to spray the area around the doorway to the home to keep bees away from the area.

When there is a need to have a bee removal in Nassau County, hiring someone with experience in how to handle a honeybee hive is necessary. Check Out to find out more about the services they offer as well as contact information.

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