Adjudicating Juvenile Crimes in Tyler, TX

Juvenile court is a scary place for a young person, which is why parents need to find a lawyer that handles juvenile crimes in Tyler, TX. Don’t allow the court to have too much control over your child.

Things Are Different in Juvenile Court

Minors charged with crimes are tried in Juvenile Court. Unfortunately, they do not have the same right to due process as in other courts. Cases are handled like civil matters and a judge decides whether the minor is delinquent.

Juvenile Court officials have more discretion than those who work in adult courts. Therefore, prosecutors try to resolve cases without having a hearing before the judge. Many juvenile advocates think it’s unfair that minors have no right to a jury trial.

Court Control

A major complaint about juvenile court is the control it exerts. For instance, convicted adults serve a sentence and they are free. However, the juvenile court can control a minor’s life for years. Indeed, the judge can decide the minor will be under court supervision until they’re 18.

This means the youth must appear in court periodically for behavior evaluations. In many instances, the court orders curfews and counseling. Sometimes, the parents have very little to say about the court’s recommendations.

Possible Sentences

Minors adjudicated as delinquent can be confined in one of two ways. First, a youth may be sentenced to a facility for juvenile offenders. Otherwise, the judge may order the youth be placed under house arrest.

Many lawyers prefer to reach a plea agreement. A minor can avoid detention by agreeing to a curfew or paying restitution to a victim. Further, the judge can place a case on hold. If this happens, the offender must perform certain acts to have the charges dismissed.

Other possible scenarios include an order to attend a treatment program. Likewise, the minor may be ordered to attend counseling or perform community service.

Having a Hearing

A lawyer may recommend that a minor have a formal hearing. At least, the lawyer can present evidence that the client is innocent. However, the judge always decides the case. Fortunately, juvenile records are sealed.

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