Adding Shibori Napkins to Your Table

There’s always a reason to update the décor and look for your table. Whether it is a special holiday or event, or just the need to refresh your linens with something new and trendy, you’ll find a wide selection of options on the market to select from today. One of the must-haves right now is the inclusion of Shibori napkins. They are simple, beautiful, and ideally suited for just about any décor or taste. There are a few things to consider about these pieces before you buy them.

Choose a Stunning Fabric to Set the Tone

One of the main reasons to invest in Shibori napkins is because they offer such incredible quality and beauty. Shibori is a type of unique pleat and binding technique that creates a very stunning display. There are numerous benefits to choosing a true Japanese Shibori product for your home, including the look of them. They are also highly durable and offer stunning color. This comes from the unique manual dyeing technique used on them to make them stand out.

When choosing these napkins for your home, recognize that they can be a very brilliant color. They often dominate the table with their darker and deeper colors. You will want to use this as a way to create a pop of color on your tablescape. You can also use it to match a variety of different items you hope to bring together in your look. Of course, a range of patterns exist, so finding the right one for your needs is important.

Still, Shibori napkins are a simple and elegant way to add sophistication to any table. This is one of the best updates you can make for your home’s décor especially when you hope to use modern trends to impress your guests.