Adding Character To Your Home With Tin Ceiling Service

Are you looking for something different than just plain white ceilings in your home? Do you want to add character and charm to some or all of the rooms in your domain? One thing that you can do to get this in your home is to add tin design to your ceiling decor. If this is something that you are interested in, you will need to contact a company that does Tin Ceiling Service.

A company such as Abingdon Construction can come into your home, measure the area you would like done, design the perfect ceiling following your ideas, and give you an estimate for the work you would like done. These types of ceilings are designed with talent and detail appealing to the eye. You will be able to choose between a variety of finishes for the tin ceiling, such as pre-painted white, stainless steel, brass, chrome, and copper plated. This type of company can also put the ceiling as a suspended ceiling if access above it is needed, just lift the ceiling tile and move it out of the way. All of these tin ceilings can be painted with any non water based paint if you would like to change the color and brighten up the space.

Just imagine how beautiful a tin ceiling will be in the den or formal dining room, using your choice of pattern along with a matching cornice to finish off the ceiling with the perfect touch. You will enjoy many special occasions in this space no matter which rooms you choose to install the ceiling in. Your new space with the focus point being the ceiling, will be the center of conversation during a holiday gathering.

The company you choose will be able to start on your job approximately 2 weeks after order has been placed. On the first day of installation the highly trained installers will come to your home with all the supplies needed to get the job started. One advantage to using a company that does Tin Ceiling Service, is if something should happen, they will be able to replace the damaged part with one exactly like the old one. This type of company is one you will build a working rapport with, because you will be using them for design, installation and service. This company is your one stop shopping for all your ceiling needs for many years to come.