Add Living Space to a Home With a Wood Deck Installation Service

One of the best ways to enjoy more of a yard is the addition of a deck. A deck allows homeowners to bring additional living space to their home without the inconvenience and cost of a home addition. Whether you need an outdoor area for relaxing, entertaining, or barbecuing, a wood deck installation service can turn your vision into reality.

Although the terms deck and patio are sometimes used interchangeably, there is a big difference. A patio is built directly on the ground and is usually made of concrete or various types of stone products. A deck is made of pressure treated wood, creating an aesthetically pleasing area resistant to pest damage and decay. Another distinction between a patio and a deck is that instead of being build directly on the ground, a deck is built above the ground using spacers. The spacers allow great flexibility in terms of where and how high the deck is located. For instance, a deck can create a level area over sloping ground. This will make land that would otherwise be awkward and unusable an asset to the home.

A deck can be added just about anywhere. It can extend living space directly through exterior doors of a home at ground level or even as a second or third story extension. Decks can also be created on the top of buildings to create additional garden or relaxation areas. A higher-level deck can provide additional scenic views for the homeowner that may be blocked from view at lower levels of the property. Above-ground decks are typically enclosed with railings to prevent falls from the deck. Outdoor Deck Installation in Silverdale can be freestanding out in the yard, creating additional living areas anywhere a homeowner desires.

Wood decks have a variety of options for any style and taste. The wood is customized with endless finishing options in paints and stains. Further customization can be added with the addition of benches, pergolas, bars, or other built-in seating. A beautiful deck adds usable living space to a home and increases its value for the current and future owners.

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