Add Beauty and Durability to a Home or Business Using Fiber Cement Siding in Orange County CA

There are several ways to finish a building exterior, including brick, steel, and wood, but one of the most reliable materials available today is fiber cement. There are many reasons for this, including its resistance to rot and the fact that termites cannot feed on it. Plus, fiber cement siding in Orange County CA area does not burn like most other materials. Fiber cement is a mixture of cellulose fibers, Portland cement, sand, water, and some proprietary fillers. The fibers provide strength while the cement offers rigidity and protection.

Surprisingly, this kind of material has been around for more than a century, but its makeup changed sometime in the 1980s from asbestos fibers to cellulose after people realized that asbestos causes health issues. Health concerns became a real issue when workers started removing the old asbestos-based materials. Cutting or breaking them can release tiny fibers into the air, making it easy for people to inhale them.

Interestingly enough, there are many products made using fiber cement. For example, sheets of this material can be used as an underlay for tiled areas and bathroom fixtures. Thin boards can be used to seal soffits and eaves. Fiber cement trim is available for windows, doors, corners, or as battens that cover visible joins. However, the most common use of this sturdy construction material is as Fiber Cement Siding in Orange County CA. The siding can be planks, which are typically placed on homes, or the large panels used on commercial building exteriors.

Fiber cement can be fairly heavy, and installing the larger panels often requires two people. Its makeup also means that cutting the material may require specific tools, most commonly a diamond cutting blade and power saw. Because the fibers are coated with cement, they are protected no matter where the cuts are made. This is one reason the material is so effective as an underlay.

Exterior installations will require a weather-resistant paint, and it can be applied either before the siding is installed or after. Maintenance is not nearly as difficult as it would be for wood siding because fiber cement planks only need to be painted every few years. The duration actually depends on the quality of the exterior paint used. A paint that is washable creates an effective, low-maintenance, protective cover.

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