Accident Lawyer Milwaukee WI Advises What Not to Do in an Accident

by | Nov 20, 2013 | Lawyers

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Some people say “there are no such things as accidents, only incidents.” That may apply in a lot of cases, but when it comes to you in your vehicle and another vehicle hits you, that pretty much dictates an accident. As long as both parties are agreeable and insurances are exchanged and all the technical unpleasantness you must deal with in such cases, all is well or is it? Have you considered whether or not, the other guys’s insurance will pay off fairly if he or she is in fault? Have you considered if you or anyone in your car was injured? You may need to call an Accident Lawyer. They may be able to help you guarantee that your rights are being protected in the case of an accident.

In Wisconsin, the Law Offices of David J. Lisko, S.C. are prepared to be your accident lawyer Milwaukee WI. Accidents are frightening and sometimes confusing. You might not be thinking clearly at the time, so to help you minimize your stress during accident woes, be mindful of these things to AVOID doing:

I. Don’t ever leave the scene of accident, no matter how minuscule it may seem. Failure to stay at the scene of an accident in which you are involved results in you committing a crime.

II. Don’t forget properly documented facts, such as insurance information exchange, license plate numbers, make and model of the car the other person was driving, take pictures if you have a camera or cellphone with a camera, etc.

III. Don’t forget about the aftermath of an accident. Were there any injuries sustained in the accident, persistent problems that appeared after the accident, such as headaches or other bodily aches? Are you facing medical bills as a result? Did you call the insurance company about the claim right away?

Once again, the whole scope of an accident can be quite discombobulating, and the services of a well-trained and experienced lawyer will come in handy. So, if in Wisconsin, feel free to call the Law Offices of David J. Lisko, S.C. who will be your Accident Lawyer Milwaukee WI, offering their legal services. They provide litigation, counsel and mediation to clients in Waukesha, Germantown, Milwaukee and the surrounding Wisconsin cities. They represent clients in Lemon Law cases, personal injury, Worker’s Compensation, Social Security Disability and many other cases.