About Ultherapy Treatment in Suffolk County NY

People who seek Ultherapy Treatment in Suffolk County NY are generally those who are looking for a nonsurgical solution for aging skin. Time and gravity both have a negative impact on the skin, and in many cases this effect is concentrated in the face, neck, and decolletage. While things like topical creams and serums can help soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles, they don’t actually penetrate the skin to create a long-term solution. Ultherapy is unique because it is the only nonsurgical procedure that has received clearance from the Food and Drug Administration for the purpose of lifting skin.

The Ultherapy process is fairly simple. The Ultherapy provider may give patients an oral medication to help them relax prior to the procedure. For patients who are concerned about discomfort or pain, the Ultherapy may recommend adding a pain reliever of some type to the anti-anxiety medication taken before the procedure. The Ultherapy provider begins by covering the face in a thick gel. This gel is similar to what is used in sonograms and it is usually very cooling on the face.

The Ultherapy provider then uses a special Ulthera wand on the face. The Ultherapy wand is moved in very small increments over the neck, jaw line, cheeks, under eye area, and forehead. During the procedure, people may feel some pressure but not pain. The wand will deliver some small blasts which stimulate the deeper layers of skin. These blasts are what generates extra collagen production deep within the skin. Collagen is the naturally occurring substance that gives skin that youthful look, and the body can be forced to make extra collagen through the Ultherapy process.

The full face treatment can usually be done in a single session, and it is possible to start seeing results as soon as the first few days after the procedure. Many Ultherapy patients say that they look around five to ten years younger, which means that results could be comparable to surgical results. If you are interested in Ultherapy Treatment in Suffolk County NY, you can browse around this website today!

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