A1 Pavement Maintenance and Concrete Projects

Concrete can be used for a variety of projects for residential and commercial properties. Concrete can be used for driveways, walkways, parking lots, patios, pool areas, garage floors, basements, foundations, sidewalks, or any other concrete slab or surface you need. A1 Pavement Maintenance provides all kinds of services from replacements to new constructions. The following will describe some concrete projects used in various venues.

1. Driveways – Concrete poured driveways can be placed on residential or commercial properties. Standard, circular, short, long, curvy, double, single, and custom driveways allow you to create any kind of driveway for your needs. You can have a driveway for your home built to allow for extra parking or just a driveway.

2. Parking Lots – Whether you own a small business or a large business, a parking lot is necessary if you plan to offer products or services to clients. Parking lots are also necessary for apartment complexes, doctors’ offices, dentists’ offices, restaurants, grocery stores, malls, and other businesses of all types. A parking lot can be small enough for just a few cars, including a handicapped space, or large enough to accommodate hundreds of cars, including ample handicapped parking places.

3. Curbs – Curbs are often used along roadways and sidewalks to prevent damage to grass or trees, protect pedestrians, and to protect drivers from vehicle damage. They also add a nice, finished look in residential and commercial venues along driveways, sidewalks, and around street signs. A1 Pavement Maintenance can pour curbs or replace damage curbs anywhere.

4. Patios – Whether you need a small home patio or a large, but quaint patio for your cafe or restaurant, a concrete contractor can create a patio suited for your purposes. You can have a patio built around your swimming pool at home or at your place of business for people to sit and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in Illinois.

Concrete gutters, garage slabs, and other concrete projects are also things you can have done on your residential or commercial property. No project is too big or too small for quality Concrete Contractors in Urbana, IL. If you are considering any kind of concrete project, consider A1 services in your local area.


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