A Variety of Options with Metal Roof Installation in League City, TX

Installing or repairing a roof on your home is a huge undertaking. It is also a costly investment, and not one that you want to repeat because you installed it incorrectly the first time. There are many different kinds of roofs, and the kind that you choose to put on your home or business depends on your needs and personal preferences.

Metal Roof Installation

Metal roof installation in League City, TX is performed by professionals in the field. The professionals have years of experience and understand how to safely install metal roofs. They have the knowledge and equipment to properly install your roof and ensure that it’s sealed properly.

There are five types of metal roofing. The first type is copper, which is durable with a low melting temperature. Copper is a soft metal. The second type is aluminum, and it is known for being resistant to salt water corrosion. This is a good option for those who live near salt water. The third type is zinc, it is also resistant to corrosion and has the lowest melting point of the metals used for metal roof installation. The fourth kind is steel, and the fifth is tin, which was used before World War II and is no longer used very often today.

Metal roofs are most commonly seen on commercial and agricultural buildings, but they are common on residential houses, as well. Metal roofing can be colored to match residential homes. Common colors include green and red.

Metal Panel Seam Types

There are four different ways in which sheets of a metal roof can adhered to one other. These include snap-lock, mechanical seam, tee panel, and exposed fastener lap seam. Metal thickness is between 34 and 26 gauge. Browse our website for more information.

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