A Step-by-Step Guide to Bat Removal in Reynoldsburg

Bats play a valuable role in the wild, reducing insect populations and providing nutrients for plants in the form of guano. However, when they’ve taken up residence in a home’s attic or chimney or have become stuck inside of a home itself, they can become a huge nuisance. Read on to find a helpful step-by-step guide and some tips for bat removal in Reynoldsburg to find out what homeowners can do to relocate them.

Identify Entrance Points

The first step for any homeowner with bats in his or her home to take is to identify their entrance points. Keep in mind, while performing this inspection, that bats can fit through surprisingly small holes. If the bats are located primarily in the home’s attic, be sure to look at the roof line and check the home’s siding for signs of damage.

Setting up Exclusions

Once their entrance points have been determined, homeowners can simply set up bat exclusions to prevent them from returning to their buildings. These exclusion devices must be set up properly to allow them to leave home easily but prevent them from getting back in. It’s a good idea for those who don’t have experience with bat exclusion to entrust this step to a professional wildlife specialist.

Seal the House

Once all of the bats have left the building, it’s time to remove the exclusion devices and permanently seal off all of their entrance points. Most of these holes can be sealed during the exclusion process, provided the bats’ primary exit points are left open until all of them have left home. Be sure to seal even small holes and to ensure that the measures used to seal them are permanent as bats often return to the same areas even years later.

Know When to Call a Pro

Homeowners who are unsure of their capabilities when it comes to tracking down entrance points and sealing them appropriately should consult a Wildlife Control Company regarding removal. Those who have just one or two errant bats trapped in their homes should always hire a pro for Bat removal in Reynoldsburg, as it can be extremely challenging to safely remove bats from large spaces. Those who have bats in their chimneys may also want to call in some professional help.

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