A Standing Seam Roof Anchor can Save Lives

One of the biggest causes for concern when working on high-rise buildings, roofs and the like, is safety. Being at such great heights, poses a lot of danger to those who work in those fields. Unfortunately, many people get hurt costing millions of dollars annually and sometimes even lives. Falling is one of the leading causes of deaths amongst people who reside in the United States; numbers are in the 100,000 range, which is why the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) laws are so stringent.

OSHA Laws for Safety Equipment

OSHA not only regulates and creates the laws for safety of places; there are also rules, regulations and requirements for the equipment that can be utilized as well. For this reasoning, any occupation where a worker is required to be more than 4 ft. off the ground by law requires the use of the proper safety equipment.

There are many different varieties of fall protection equipment available. When they are all used together properly, they can decrease the dangers or hazards that are typically located within the working environment, no matter the industry. There are harnesses and belts, connection devices, as well as, tie off anchor points.

Proper Anchor and Harnessing Systems

As anyone could imagine, working on a roof is a dangerous job. Not only are there work hazards that one has to be concerned about, like the tool safety and hazardous materials, one has to be concerned about falling as well. Roofing now requires the use of the proper harnessing and anchoring systems to be put in place. This ensures that if there is a slip or fall, it will not result in a serious injury, or worse, a death.

What Roof Anchors Do

A standing seam roof anchor is part of fall protection equipment that is permanently placed on the roof or anchoring system. Anchor posts can be crafted from a wide variety of materials such as, concrete, wood, metal sheathing and so forth. A standing seam roof anchor helps mitigate danger by both breaking and lessening the fall, or by moving around directionally to absorb shock and lessen the amount of pulling.

It’s imperative for people on worksites to have the proper safety equipment in place, by utilizing the standing seam roof anchor in conjunction to a full-body harness or body belt – one can perform their job without any room for concern about safety or hazards.

There is always the cause for concern for those who work in the roofing industry. Using a standing seam roof anchor along with the proper harnesses can enhance overall safety on the jobsite. Visit Harness Land for all of your harness needs.

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