A Skilled Attorney is Vital to Establishing an Estate to Protect Your Assets

Throughout a person’s life, they will accumulate property and finances the individual will want to be distributed to family members, friends, or businesses after they have passed away. To ensure their assets are received by the beneficiaries the individual has selected, it is important to plan their estate with a reputable attorney. A lawyer that offers estate and trust administration in Connecticut can assist in legally documenting their client’s wishes on how their property will be distributed upon their death. A skilled attorney has a vast amount of knowledge on how to plan and settle an estate that meets the requirements of their client.

Lessen the Economic Impact on Your Assets

While a person can dictate who they want to receive their property, it takes careful planning to ensure they receive most of their estate. Hereditary, gift, and estate taxes can consume a good portion of their state if they do not take the steps to minimize how much money the government will receive. With the services of an estate and trust administration in Connecticut, a lawyer can provide information on what taxes and fees will need to be paid before the beneficiary can take possession of their inheritance. An attorney can establish a trust specifically for these expenses to decrease the financial impact their beneficiaries will experience when they take over ownership of the property.

Manage the Estate for the Recipients

People often lack the knowledge required to properly handle an estate after a family member has passed away. They do not know the legal requirements to distributing the property to the selected beneficiaries. An attorney can be appointed to collect their client’s assets and allocate them to the correct individuals or organization. With no personal interest in the property, this reduces the risk the executor of the estate being subjected to accusations of personal liability. An attorney firm can even oversee a trust that has been left for minor children until they come of age to legally handle the finances on their own.

Gain the Personal Experience with a Professional Team of Attorneys

Preparing an estate or executing a will is a sensitive matter and should be handled by a professional that is devoted to providing their clients with the unique care they deserved. Cummings & Lockwood, LLC is a well-established firm that has been operating for over 100 years. They offer professional legal counsel to each client with the attention that they deserve. Their skilled attorneys have their clients’ best interest as their focus and provide current legal advice available to ensure their final wishes are respected.