A Root Canal in Oahu Can Prevent Tooth Death

One of the most feared dental procedures is a root canal. Most people are afraid of this procedure simply because they have heard false information. People who have a Root Canal Oahu often liken it to the pain felt after a filling or extraction. Since this procedure is crucial for saving teeth that are in danger, it is important a patient goes through with a root canal when a dentist recommends it.

People typically need a root canal procedure when their tooth is in danger of dying because of infection or decay. This procedure can help to stop the progression of damage and can give a person relief from the unrelenting pain infection, and severe decay can cause.

A Root Canal Oahu is carried out to safely remove damaged areas. In this procedure, the dentist removes all of the diseased inner tissue and the nerve. The nerve in a tooth is no longer needed once the tooth has pushed through the gum tissue. Removing the nerve simply stops pain signals from being sent so a person can finally find relief.

There are special dental tools that are created for removing debris and dead tissue in the roots of the tooth. This precise tool is used to scrape down the inside of the roots, so they are completely clean. In some severe cases, endodontic surgery must be performed to remove part of the root. View the site for complete info.

When a tooth is completely cleaned out, and the nerve removed, the tooth will be filled. A special filling material is mixed and applied to the inside of the tooth so it is made much stronger. It is crucial the tooth is made stronger so it will not be damaged during normal chewing and biting.

For further protection, the dentist will also place a sealant over the top of the repaired tooth. This seals the tooth and prevents food and liquids from entering, so the health of the tooth is not compromised.

Through the dental services of Dr. Garrett T. Hayashi DDS, a person’s teeth can be saved. Call the office today and schedule a consultation appointment so you can learn if a root canal procedure will benefit you.

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