A Roofing Contractor in Norfolk Can Insure That Your Roof Is Safe

Many major roofing problems can be prevented by providing regular roof maintenance. The very first thing a home owner should do is observe their roof on a regular basis. This is the fastest way to determine if any shingles are missing. If there has been high winds or a particularly harsh rain storm, the roof should be looked at as soon as it is practical. If the home owner sees one or more shingles missing, they should make an appointment with a roofing contractor in Norfolk.

Even if a home owner sees no problems with their roof, they should have the roof inspected once a year. There are a number of problems that can develop that gives no long range visual signs. If the home owner is making their observations of the roof from the ground (looking for missing shingles), signs of potential leaks developing could easily be missed. For example a minor sag in some part of the roof could form a valley. A valley moves water faster than the usual flow off the roof and could cause water to accumulate and puddle, which allows mold to start growing.

A Roofing Contractor in Norfolk will tell you that if you have a chimney on your roof, your roof will be prone several problems with water seepage. This is where water slips into very small leak points and gets under the roofing material. The water can travel long distances to find a low spot where it will accumulate. Even if warmer weather evaporates the pooled water, bacteria could be left behind, which could be a breeding ground for mold. The water seepage could also weaken the interior roofing material to a point where it could leak water into the house or even fall in.

Regularly scheduled roof inspections by an experienced roofing contractor will be able to discover these and many other roof problems that could be developing that would go undetected by the home owner. If no problems are found by the contractor, they will give the home owner a certification that the roof is in good shape and should remain that way for at least one year, unless some emergency problem comes up (like a tree branch falling on the roof). Don’t let common roofing problems sneak up on you. Have a roofing contractor inspect your roof once a year for safety.