A Roofing Company Can Do Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication in Aurora

Sheet metal fabrication in Aurora can often be done by a roofer; a roofing company routinely installs metal roofs, as well as makes custom roof flashing. Architectural sheet metal is something that many roofing companies do. Lightweight panels of aluminum, steel, and copper have many potential uses, including on roofs.

Sheet metal fabrication involves cutting, shaping, and joining pieces of sheet metal together. Thin, sheets of metal can be used to make boxes, brackets, and even body parts for cars. To accomplish this, specialized equipment is needed, as well as skill. Sheet metal projects are taken from concept to a shop drawing, executed, and then installed.

While it’s often not obvious, sheet metal is used throughout a home. Roofs have sheet metal flashing around chimneys and skylights, as well as roof gutters and downspouts. Metal siding also involves a lot of sheet metal fabrication.

While sheet metal on roofs and siding is generally practical, it can also be decorative. A creative sheet metal fabricator can turn a piece of sheet copper or aluminum into a work of art. Before you settle for something ordinary, ask how sheet metal can be used creatively on your home’s exterior.

When used on a home’s roof, sheet metal helps to seal the seams against leaks. Metal siding also seals a home’s exterior walls against extreme weather. Undoubtedly, sheet metal fabrication plays an essential role in roofing and much more around your home. Visit Showalter Roofing Services for custom sheet metal fabrication in Aurora.

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