A Roofer In West Des Moines Can Check Your Roof For Problem Areas

Most homeowners do not go up on their roof looking for problems, and they will not see the serious problems from the ground level. The problems the roof can cause is multiple water leaks which can result in damage to the home’s interior. Every homeowner should hire an experienced Roofer in West Des Moines to go up on the roof and look for any trouble spots. It is too dangerous for the homeowner to be on the roof.

The trouble spots can be any of a number of problems resulting from the elements over a period of time such as shingles that have curled on the edges allowing water to blow under the shingle and build up. This problem will eventually rot the decking and enable water to enter the attic. Shingle nails which have popped up will also allow water to get to the decking.

Flashing becomes a problem when it ages or when it has been exposed to harsh weather. Flashing can lose the protective feature by cracking or separating from the areas it is intended to protect. Flashing can separate from the chimney and the vents and even skylights. This separation will allow water to enter the attic area.

The leak barriers that protect the roof valleys will weaken over time and allow water to enter where the roof meets the peaks or another similar place where a leak barrier has been installed. The roof cap is another leak barrier and as it ages or if it is not installed correctly, then the wind can blow water under the cap and into the attic.

One problem which is very common is the shingles are not nailed down properly. The shingles arrive at the job site with instructions on how they are to be nailed down. There is a spacing required for every nail, and this is important to demonstrate how to keep the shingles in place and how to keep them from curling or the edges from lifting.

The starter strip shingles should be checked because if these are not properly secured, then rain will blow underneath these and the decking will be damaged. A Roofer in West Des Moines can check this for you.

If your home is more than 10 years old you might discuss a Roofing Company in Des Moines the feasibility of replacing the shingles.

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