A Roofer in Granite City Can Save Your Home and Your Budget

The roof of your home serves several purposes; it provides protection from the elements, serves to insulate your home from heat and cold, and adds structural support. If your roof should become damaged, it could be the start of a chain of damage which can not only be costly, but could create a hazardous situation as well. In this part of the country a roof is subjected to a number of circumstances which can do damage and shorten its useful life span. Rain, snow, ice, strong winds, heat, and cold can all cause serious problems for your roof. Just a small amount of exposed sheathing from broken or missing shingles can cause it to become unstable, allowing in wind, rain, and even pests. The deterioration can continue as the support beams in your attic become water-damaged or weakened by gnawing rodents, your insulation becomes compacted, rendering it useless, and unattractive stains start appearing on your ceilings.

To avoid this scenario, it’s a good idea for you to contact a reliable roofer in Granite City who can perform regular inspections of your roof and catch even small issues before they become full-blown roofing emergencies. Doing a small patch over a damaged section of roofing as soon as it is discovered is much less expensive than either a re-roof or a complete tear-off and replacement later on.

If the worst has happened, and you need an entirely new roof, you can take at least a small amount of comfort in the fact that chances are your new roof is going to be considerably more energy-efficient than its predecessor. This can translate into dramatically lower heating and cooling costs, and save you a considerable amount of money over the course of a year. Another advantage of putting a new roof on your home is that you will have the opportunity to select a roof which can actually improve the appearance of your home and add to its curb appeal. An experienced roofer in Granite City can assist you in selecting the roof that will complement your home while lowering your utility bills.

Credible Exteriors can offer you over 15 years of experience and the services of a Master Certified roofer. They are capable of servicing all types of roofs including metal, copper, and even solar paneled roofing systems, and can provide patching, restorations, inspections, waterproofing, and even leak detection. You can contact them for free estimates.

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