A Quick Rundown of the Latest from Blackberry

Blackberry is a company on the rocks, not quite sure of themselves, having changed company targets and direction several times in the past few years. Over the past couple of years, all of the latest Blackberry smartphones that have been released on the market, have not been able to make a splash. Blackberry needs to do something big, something that causes a scene and makes the brand “cool” again. However, If Blackberry will turn their fortunes around, they will first have to see where they went wrong. Here’s a quick run through of a couple of the latest Blackberry smartphones:

Blackberry Z3 – This is a relatively good phone, with 1.5GB RAM and a Dual-Core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm, supported by a nice 8GB memory. This phones specs are not actually bad. However that’s the point here, the phone is a very normal, run of the mill phone that does nothing special. Yes this phone has been designed for value and to break into a new market but they need to reinvest in the western market before they go into the east. The Z3 needs a bit more pizzaz, something that the others on the market have, but this one doesnt.

Lesson from the Blackberry Z3, cheaper doesn’t always mean better.

Blackberry Z30 – The more expensive version of the Z3, this phone comes with 16GB of memory, 2GB RAM and a more powerful processor, a Dual Core 1.7 GHz Qualcomm. However at the price of 30,000 this phone couldn’t be plainer. The camera is a standard 8MP with a 2MP front camera and has little in the way on innovation.

Lesson from the Blackberry Z30, if you’re making a premium phone, go all in.

Blackberry 9720 – A throw back to the classic Blackberry design, the 9720 is a keyboard centric phone with limited capabilities in most departments. With the world moving on to touch screen tech Blackberry can’t seem to let go of their previous success and tries to ride off the back of their classic fans. The phone doesn’t even have 1GB of anything, its RAM and memory are both a mere 512MB. But, what’s that you say Blackberry? It has an optional memory card that holds an impressive 32GB?! Well it would be a saving grace but the phone doesn’t come with this card as a standard feature, and at 14,000 IRS it should.

Lesson from Blackberry 9720, it’s not the beginning of the 21st century, times, as well as technology have moved on.

In short Blackberry is on the brink, the brink of what however is not clear. They could in the next few years release a series of flops which in turn will force the company into ruin and they’ll sell out to the highest bidder. Or perhaps they’re on the brink of turning things around, the market is fickle and only holds allegiance to the “next big thing”.

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