A Quick Guide to Help You Wear Your Gold Jewelry and Impress

Gold jewelry can be quite beautiful, especially when the pieces are made by a good jeweler. Arabic jewelry, for example, is designed well and has a look that is simply unmatched. The only hiccup that some people have with gold jewelry is knowing how to wear it. The following tips are meant to help you with that.

One of the easiest tricks when wearing gold jewelry is to choose a piece that is loud, strong, and chunky. The reason you are doing this is because it is easy to make a statement with something like Arabic jewelry.

The key here is to make sure you are not wearing other loud colors with your statement piece. Stick to darker tones and try not to add patterns that could make your look seem a little busy. Make your statement piece the star of the show.

There was a time when you couldn’t mix metals, such as platinum and gold, but you can definitely do that now. Those who have other lovely pieces that you absolutely love could go a little wild by mixing a few of these pieces up.

This is another fashion statement that gives you a little more freedom with your clothes; just don’t go crazy, a splash of colors or patterns should be enough. Perhaps you can wear a scarf with a few more colors or a top that has a few stripes here and there to create an overall mixed look.

It is important that you learn what colors go well with yellow. Most people already guessed that black goes well, but there are other colors to choose from. Knows these colors gives you the ability to see more choices in your wardrobe. Purple, blue, gray, and even pink can work. Try to experiment with your wardrobe. Be a runway model one day and wear your jewelry pieces to see what works.

These are just some things you should think about when you are learning to wear your gold pieces. You can also talk to a jeweler to help you figure this out because they know more than you think.

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