A Quick Guide to Cosmetic Dentistry Aftercare

After a lot of extensive planning and talks with your cosmetic dentist in Atlanta, you’ve finally accomplished your goal and your cosmetic dentistry procedure has been completed. Congratulations on getting such an important procedure done. You’re sure to love your restored smile, but what comes now? While the most difficult part is over, you will still have to do your part to take care of your teeth so you won’t need further procedures in the future. Here is how you can work with your dentist to care for your teeth in the days immediately following your procedure.

Watch What You Eat and Drink

Alcohol can be quite harmful to newly installed veneers. Alcohol in itself can cause damage to the adhesive keeping your veneers bonded to your teeth, making numerous mouthwashes, as well as beer, wine, alcoholic drinks and even alcoholic desserts, off-limits. Try to refrain from consuming any alcohol until your cosmetic dentist in Atlanta area feels you are adequately healed.

Brush With Care

Be careful when you brush your teeth each day. Certain types of toothpastes may be harmful for your teeth just after your procedure; more specifically, some ingredients in certain toothpastes are rougher on your teeth than others, especially if you’ve had porcelain installed on your teeth. Keep up with your brushing and flossing for increased dental health.

Keep Your Dentist Involved

Your cosmetic dentist in Atlanta was in charge of your procedure, making them the best resource for helping you take care of your new smile. Be sure to go in regularly for cleanings and other checkup procedures so you can make sure your teeth are health and will stay that way. With the help of your dentist, you can ensure your new smile heals as it is supposed to and looks its best.

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