A Probate Law Lawyer In Reno NV Can Help Settle An Estate Quickly And Thoroughly

When a loved one passes away with or without a will, family members may challenge the settlement of their assets. If the deceased individual did not do any planning before their death, you should consult with a Probate Law Lawyer in Reno NV. If a deceased individual’s assets can be transferred easily, probate court may not be necessary. Assets that don’t need to go through probate court are any assets that are held in joint tenancy, survivorship community property and tenancy by the entirety. If assets were specifically willed to a certain individual as the beneficiary, probate may not be necessary. Even when a deceased individual had a will, family members may become difficult to deal with and it’s important to speak to a lawyer immediately.

Probate court can be incredibly complicated. If deadlines are missed for any reason, settling of an estate can come to a stop. If there’s a complicated tax situation, ambiguities in the will, debts that are disputed, and a significant amount of assets or if there isn’t enough money to pay the bills, contact a Probate Law Lawyer in Reno NV. It’s much easier to turn the entire process over to a lawyer who can sort through the paperwork and file the necessary documents in court. In addition to representing family members in probate court, they can help an individual create a will or an estate. Trusts can be established if minor or incapacitated children are involved. They can make the process of settling a loved one’s financial affairs go much more smoothly.

When an individual seeks the assistance of a probate lawyer, they are giving their family the best gift possible. Family members will have the ability to properly grieve because the estate and final wishes will be legally outlined. A lawyer will ask the questions necessary so everything is covered in the planning. The Law Office of Todd L. Torvinen have been working with individuals for more than 25 years in the planning and execution of their estates. They can help craft a living will in the event you’re unable to speak on your own behalf in regards to medical decisions. Don’t wait any longer to prepare the necessary paperwork for your estate.

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