A Plumber Emergency in Prince George’s County Will Help Eliminate the Cause of the Emergency

A plumbing emergency is often a serious problem. This is especially true when the sewer line backs up and the toilet overflows down the hallway on the day when the big party is being held. This is the time when you can expect a plumbing emergency because a lot of beer and food is being consumed. If you have never seen this mess count yourself lucky, and also count yourself among those who have a chance to prevent this emergency.

When you have a Plumber Emergency in Prince George’s County MD call for a plumber to come out as soon as possible, he can run a video cam down into the line to see what is blocking it. Once he knows the cause, he has several tools to work with. One is a series of cutters that operate on water pressure to cut through root clogs which could be the cause. Of course, the video cam will show the cause and give the plumber an exact plan for unblocking the drain. Most likely it is tree roots. Even though you don’t have a tree, the roots of your neighbor’s tree will travel 100 feet seeking water, and they will burst into your drain line and form a clog.

The plumber can use the cutters or a hydro-jet water system to bust the clog up and push it on down the drain. This process will also clean the walls of the drain line of grease and debris which has built up over time.

If the line is busted because of age or from roots pushing their way in, then the Plumber Emergency in Prince George’s County MD can replace that section of the pipe by the trench-less method. This method does not require digging up the yard. A small hole is dug at the end of the line and a balloon-type device made of much more solid material than a balloon is inserted into the clean-out end. The balloon is pulled along to the repair point and then inflated to form a new section of the line. It is made of a combination of epoxy and other material for strength.

It may be necessary to run the camera into other drains in the house to inspect them for blockage caused by the backup. This is easily done and it gives the owner peace of mind. Contact John C. Flood of MD.

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