A Parent’s Guide to Teen Substance Abuse in Los Angeles

Teenage substance abuse in Los Angeles has become prevalent in the past few years and is an issue which every parent has to worry about. If you are a parent who is concerned about your teenager’s possible substance abuse, it is essential to arm yourself with information about the use of drugs among teens and about the warning signs and symptoms of teen substance abuse.


Marijuana is one of the most common types of teen substance abuse. It is common for teenagers in Los Angeles to experiment with marijuana, but it is also an easy drug for teens to become mentally addicted to. Some of the indicators of marijuana use include:


*Red eyes or smell

*Loss of interest in usual friends or activities

*Increase in appetite

*A noticeable change in motivation


Unfortunately, cocaine is a common drug of choice for many teenagers in Los Angeles. If you suspect a teen has substance abuse issues with cocaine, it is essential you seek drug treatment for them as soon as you recognize there is a problem. An addiction to cocaine can cause serious health problems, especially cardiac problems, which can be fatal. Some indicators of cocaine use may include:

*Frequent mood swings

*Frequent anxiety attacks




*Change in usual activities and friends

*Bloodshot and wide open eyes

*Complaints of rapid heartbeat

*Speech is faster than normal


Heroin is sadly a common problem with teens in Los Angeles. Teen substance abuse involving heroin is extremely serious and should not be taken lightly. Your teen’s life depends on getting urgent treatment for their addiction to heroin. Some of the signs of an addiction to heroin include:

*A significant loss of interest in friends and hobbies

*A flat and lost look

*Shallow breathing

*Constricted pupils

*Lethargic behavior

*Missing school and a significant change in grades

*Engaging in criminal activities to support their habit

*Engaging in reckless behavior

*Wearing long sleeved shirts even in hot weather (to cover-up the needle marks)

Crystal Meth

Crystal meth is all too cheap and easy to get, so it is a common drug among teens in Los Angeles, but it is also a serious drug with horrible results. Many teens turn to the use of crystal meth when they can no longer afford an addiction to cocaine. Some of the signs and symptoms of crystal meth use include:


*Picking at the skin

*Sweating without doing any physical activity

*The teen appears to be in a state of euphoria

*Increased nervousness and rate of speech

*Dry itchy skin

*Loss of appetite

*Increased body temperature


The effects of teen substance abuse in Los Angeles consist of detrimental social, psychological and physical elements. One of the most noticeable changes is a change in their appearance. The use of drugs can cause weight loss and they may become disinterested in their appearance, including neglecting personal hygiene. Drug use can cause a host of serious health problems, including heart disease, liver disease and organ failure. If you suspect your teen may have a substance abuse problem, it is critical to seek help for them immediately. If you live in the Los Angeles area and would like to know more about how a top-notch, compassionate teen substance abuse program can help you and your teen regain control over their life, confer with the caring professionals found at the Adolescent Growth center.

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