A Linear Power Source for All of Your Needs

Having a power source while in a remote location can be vital no matter the situation. Whether you are out in the wilderness on your own or trying to manage a jobsite, having the right power source can be a major key.

But with all of the different power sources out there, it can be confusing to determine which one you want. A linear power source has become a more popular option, but it helps to know more about this type of power source before making a decision.

Linear Power

What is a linear power source? Well, they are designed to give off less noise since there is no requirement for high-frequency switching. They are great on jobsites where low ripple is required, as well as those that require a great transient response and low electromagnetic emissions.

What is most notable about this power supply is that it can drop down an input voltage to provide a lower output voltage. The downsides are that they are a lot bigger, heavier, and lower in efficiency.

Why Linear Power Is Better

Not every jobsite requires a lot of power. If you are in need of lower electrical output at a quieter output, then a linear power source is the one for you. You would find these power sources in the medical field especially, since they are quieter and produce less vibrations. The only downside is that they aren’t really efficient and they are quite large. For more information, please visit Amp Line Corp.

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