A Highly Advanced Dentist in La Grange, KY

A smile costs nothing, yet it adds significant value to your image. A beaming smile is bound to attract attention and draw affection. Any Dentist in La Grange KY will tell you that good oral care plays a big role is determining the way you smile, a measure of how confident you are in public and at social gatherings. Oral care entails proper cleaning and maintenance of the mouth, teeth and gums.

This is a routine that should be done by people of all age groups. Some people tend to ignore their dental health care as they grow older. It is also important as a parent that you closely monitor the dental health care of your child. Children with disjointed and discolored teeth lack confidence among their peers, something that lowers their self-esteem.

Two common dental disorders as identified by Crestwood Dental Group are tooth decay and gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. Tooth decay occurs when bacteria that live in the mouth cling to the teeth and form dental plaque, a sticky and colorless film. These bacteria feed on sugar and release acids that dissolve minerals on tooth surface. Decay can be prevented by adding fluoride to water.

Gum disease is a resulting infection of the gums and bones that supports the teeth. It mostly affects adults of 35 years and above. Just like in tooth decay, periodontal disease is also caused by dental plaque that causes inflammation and bleeding of the gums. If left unattended to, the gums may recede, causing loss of the bone that supports the teeth. Such a condition can be prevented by removing the plaque and observing proper oral routines like brushing and flossing the teeth daily. Seek dental care whenever you detect any symptoms like reddening, swelling and bleeding of the gums.

It is, however, important that you consider several factors when looking for a Dentist in La Grange KY. A good dentist should demonstrate high levels of expertise and should be know different methods to treat a given oral disease. Operations should be carried out gently with utmost precision, taking caution not to inflict any further harm to the patient. Excellent communication skills are essential, and a good dentist should candidly but passionately tell you the ailment you have and how he or she is going to treat it. Lastly, a dentist must be licensed and accredited to operate.

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