A Funeral Crematory in San Antonio, TX Offers Pre-Planned Cremation Packages

When a person died, the usual way the body was disposed of was through a funeral. The family would go through the motions, pick out a casket, and arrange to have a wake and funeral. Burial took place right after that. However, in today, people are thinking more progressively and about environmental concerns. For that reason, people are opting for cremation instead of a body burial. A Funeral Crematory in San Antonio TX offers cremation packages for those who are considering options to a traditional funeral. Here are some examples of these packages, and customers are encouraged to pre-plan.

In the first type of cremation package, the traditional funeral service is offered but, instead of burying the body at the end of the service, the body is taken to a crematory. In the traditional service, there is usually a public viewing, followed by a regular funeral service with music, scripture readings, prayers, and other readings. The viewing and the funeral can take place the same day or be a couple of days apart. It all depends on the wishes of the family or the person who pre-planned his or her own service.

The memorial service is another way cremation can be handled. The body is cremated a day or so after death. The family plans a memorial to take place sometimes afterward with the urn containing the cremated remains and perhaps a picture or portrait of the loved one. The family can elect to show videos or slides that honor the deceased. The final type of cremation service is called direct cremation. This is a basic function in which the body is immediately cremated and returned to the family for disposition. No services are involved.

FuneralCaring USA has been providing customers in the San Antonio area with various funeral services for many years. The funeral home can arrange a funeral or a cremation service on the spot or take the time to help clients who wish to pre-plan the event ahead of time. The funeral home is available 24 hours a day. If any individual or family member wants to get advice from a Funeral Crematory in San Antonio TX, the funeral home is available. Visit the website at Funeralcaringusa.com.

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