A Firm Foundation in Grout Pumping Mississippi

When it comes to foundation repairs, special foundations, grout pumping draining systems, and site stabilization, set a firm foundation in Grout Pumping Mississippi. Ewing & Ray Foundation Services know that a lasting, problem-free infrastructure is only as strong as its grout. They are highly respected in the construction services industry for their honesty and integrity. Ewing & Ray Foundation Services offer solutions driven by focusing on a thorough inspection and analysis. After going on site, inspecting the residence, and gathering elevation data, the cause of failure is established. The creation of a consistent track record is based upon referrals and working within budget limitations.

Although Ewing & Ray Foundation Services specialize in site stabilization, drainage repair and expert foundation services, they provide the following solutions as well: foundation repair, new construction, drainage, site stabilization, pressure grout pumping, and commercial and industrial services. Foundation repair uses drilled concrete piles, helical piers, supplemental footings, and pressure grout pumping.

New construction involves pile caps, drilled piles, and special concrete work; drainage determines if it is surface drains or subsurface drains. Site stabilization uses keystone walls, sheet pile, rip rap, seawalls, tie backs, and geo-textiles. Pressure grout pumping keeps water from getting beneath the foundation, and commercial and industrial services include paper mill, electrical, oil and gas, power plant, pipeline, chemical, medical industries, and numerous others. The 6 repair options are composed of shallow and deep systems for both old and new residential and multi-story buildings, and it is done with skill and efficiency.

Ewing & Ray Foundation Services has confirmed its credibility through the completion of many residential and business infrastructure projects in their licensed states of Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Tennessee. With an emphasis on grout pumping pressure, they keep water from beneath the foundation, which helps to ensure a better chance of not needing future foundation repair.

A few examples of previous projects include the Army Corps of Engineers Project, Duck Hill, MS; Tougaloo College Chapel, Tougaloo, MS; and Foundation Repair Using Helical Piers on the Biloxi, MS Fire Department. Foundation repairs, special foundations, grout pumping drainage systems, and site stabilization as well as Grout Pumping Mississippi can be found through Ewing & Ray Foundation Services.