A Few Questions You Should Ask A Used Car Dealer

When you are buying a used car from one of the car dealers in San Antonio you should be prepared ahead of time, you should have a good idea of the value of the vehicle from sources available on the internet and then you should dig further by asking a few pointed questions.

1. There are two types of used cars; those that are certified and those that are not. Certified used cars are actually an affordable alternative to a new car as a certified used car that are being offered for sale by a local dealer have warranties which are supported by the vehicle manufacturer. If the car you are looking at is certified ask to see the pre-inspection certificate, if you buy the car this is a good document to have in the event of problems in the future.

2. Where the car came from is a good thing to know. If the car was a trade-in at the dealership then they should supply you with the maintenance history and records. It is not necessary to know the previous owners name; the dealer can black this out. If the dealer purchased the vehicle at auction then you must ensure that the car is inspected by a mechanic who knows his business.

3. Of course you are going to want to test drive the car but try to convince the dealer to let you take the car for an extended test drive, overnight if possible. If the dealer agrees bring the vehicle back with as much fuel as it had in the tank when you left with the car.

4. Ask for a copy of the CarFax report. This is a report on the history of the vehicle, the report can reveal important information that can have an effect on the value of the car as it may show that in the past it was a fleet vehicle or have a branded title such as salvage or junk.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for the cash price for the car. Many car dealers in San Antonio make money off financing schemes but remember; cash is king. You should be able to bring the price down by at least five percent.

6. Try to get the dealer to provide you with an incentive, perhaps a new set of tires or maybe replace the timing belt, especially if the car is getting close to having 100,000 miles on it.
These simple questions can provide you with a certain degree of safety, knowing that the vehicle really is what the dealer says it is.

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