A DWI Lawyer in Charles Town, WV Can Help You Get a Bail Hearing

After an individual is arrested for a DWI, they are going to be taken into police custody where they will be booked and processed. When you are booked the police officer is going to collect your personal information; record information about your crime; do a criminal background search; take a mug shot; fingerprint you; search you; and then they will place you in a holding cell. Once an individual has been booked their first priority is going to be to get out. Typically, a DWI suspect will be able to get released on bail or of their own recognizance. After you get released from jail, your next priority should be to hire a DWI Lawyer in Charles Town, WV to defend you when you go back to court.

Bail is a court process that allows an individual charged with a DWI to get out of jail by paying money in exchange for being released. You should keep in mind that the money is just collateral so that you will come back for your court date. If you come back for your court date, whoever paid your bail would get that money back. If, for some reason, you are not given a bail or released on your own recognizance, you should reach out to the DWI Lawyer in Charles Town, WV you intend to hire. Tell them that you want them to get a bail hearing arranged so you do not have to sit in jail and wait for your court date. Your DWI Lawyer in Charles Town, WV will do what they can to get you a bail hearing as well as defending you at the bail hearing to increase your chances of getting released.

If your DWI Lawyer in Charles Town, WV is able to get you a bail, there is no guarantee that you are going to be able to afford it. Fortunately, you can go through a bail bondsman to get out of jail. As long as you can pay 10 percent of your bail, the bail bondsman will put up a bail bond to get you out. As long as you go back for your court date, that is the end of your relationship with the bondsman. The bondsman will come after you for the full amount if you do not show up for court.

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