A DUI Attorney in Twin Falls ID Can Help College Students Facing DUI Charges

One wrong choice during a night out with friends can change a person’s life permanently. There are many jobs that will not hire a person who has been arrested in the past and even the ones that will are going to prefer someone with a clean record. A college student who gets behind the wheel after drinking will want to speak with a DUI Attorney in Twin Falls ID as soon as possible after their arrest to minimize the impact this might have on their future.

Lose Out on Money to Pay for College

A person who is arrested and convicted of a DUI might lose their scholarships and grants. If they rely on these to pay for their college education, like most college students, they might not be able to pay for their classes. If they do continue going to school, they will need to either pay out of pocket for their education or will need to take out loans they will need to repay in the future.

Fail Classes Due to Time in Jail

If the student is arrested in the middle of a semester, it is likely they will fail their classes that semester. This is especially true if they are found guilty and required to go to jail. If the person misses their classes due to serving jail time, they are not going to pass and will need to retake the classes. This is a costly impact of the DUI charge and can occur even if they aren’t found guilty because of the time they spend dealing with the situation.

Inability to Obtain a Job in Their Chosen Field

If the person is convicted, it can impact their ability to get a job in their chosen field. This might mean they need to change their major, which will mean taking many new classes that are going to be expensive if they do not have financial assistance. There are actually quite a few majors where having a DUI in their past could mean it’s impossible for them to find a job once they graduate.

For a college student, being arrested and convicted of a DUI can have a tremendous impact. If you’ve been arrested, contact a DUI Attorney in Twin Falls ID right away so they can start working on your case and can help you minimize the impact it might have. Get legal help now.