A Dirty Job: Septic Tank Pumping in Cedar Rapids, IA

An overflowing septic tank can be quite the sight. A beautiful lawn, properly landscaped and manicured, covered in smelly, overflowing toilet sludge. No one wants to picture that, and no one wants to have the home that experiences it firsthand. Staying on top of your septic tank with a reputable plumbing company can be one of the most important things you do as a homeowner.

What Happens When I Don’t Pump My Septic Tank?

A lack of septic tank pumping can lead to one stinky situation. Without the proper care of a certified plumber, a septic tank can back up or just break down completely. When a septic tank fails, solid matter from your toilets will clog your drains. This can lead to dirty sewer water and toilet sludge backing up into your toilet as well as any other available drains, including your tub and sink. Suddenly, your shower, a place known for cleanliness, is full of waste. The tank can even back up and purge this sludge all over your beautiful lawn, making quite the spectacle for your neighbors.

In addition to the mess they cause, septic tanks can be costly to fix. Septic tanks can also be incredibly expensive to replace if fixing them isn’t an option. Thankfully, Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain Cleaning offers septic tank pumping and maintenance to their customers.

How Does Septic Tank Pumping Work?

Septic tanks separate solid matter by allowing it to sink to the bottom of the tank. Scum settles as a layer on the top of the tank. Septic tank pumping by a professional removes this waste and measures how much waste and scum were present in the tank. This can help you decide how frequently your tank should be pumped. Whether you want to make regular pumping part of your annual home maintenance, or you want someone to come and look at your tank, finding a company that performs septic tank pumping in Cedar Rapids, IA should be a top priority. Click here for more details about the septic tank pumping in Cedar Rapids, IA.

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