A Different Option In Air Duct Cleaning For Pittsburgh Homes

When you stop and think about it, some of the systems in your Pittsburgh home are designed in a way that makes them impossible to clean. One of these systems is your HVAC system, which is responsible for circulating air through your home.

While you can clean the filter and even vacuum the vents and registers, it is impossible to clean the air ducts themselves. With hundreds of feet of ducts in your home, it is a prime place for mold, bacteria and other contaminants to not just survive but to actually thrive.

Air duct cleaning by professional services is typically recommended every three to five years depending on several factors. For those with allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems, more frequent cleaning can be beneficial in limiting symptoms and reducing the risk of illness.

The Problem

The ducts in your home and the actual system moves air on a continual basis either in a heating or cooling cycle. This air contains humidity, which provides moisture necessary for growth. The continually warm house temperature in the ducts is perfect for growing mold and mildew and a perfect place for bacteria and other types of pollutants to gather.

Initially, the ducts are clean and smooth, which helps to prevent the contaminants in the air from collecting. However, over time and with more exposure to dust, debris, pollen, pet dander and microorganisms in the air, small clusters of organic matter forms in the ducts, which then allows more matter to collect.

Within a few years, the inside of the ducts can look similar to the lint trap on your dryer. Spores, bacteria, dust and contaminants from these colonies in the ducts are continually spread through the house every time the furnace or air conditioner cycles on.

Signs of a problem in the ducts of your home in Pittsburgh include a moldy or musty smell when the HVAC cycles on or bad odors in the home coming from the vents and registers. You may also notice increased colds, coughs and headaches, particularly in young children and the elderly or anyone with respiratory health issues.

The Solution

The solution to this problem in every home in Pittsburgh is to hire a professional air duct cleaning service to clean the ducts. Look for a company that doesn’t use harsh chemicals that are going to leave a chemical odor and residue in the ducts.

Choose an air duct cleaning company that has a top reputation for providing quality work, top customer service and that uses a truly “green” cleaning technology. Some companies will also include a furnace cleaning service as well as dryer vent cleaning, which is also an important consideration for both safety as well as energy efficiency.

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