A Degree in the Continually Creative Role of Arts Administration in Chicago

The arts are at the forefront in the entertainment of current cultural challenges and questions in any era. The arts offer insightful presentations and engagements in the form of performances, exhibitions, festivals, concerts, social practice projects, public art, and many other forms of cultural involvement.

Whether through independent projects or via organizations and formal arts institutions, the arts have spurred critical thinking and impactful discussion, opened windows, informed populations, and served as a catalyst for historic change from generation to generation. As such, an arts management degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, SAIC, tackles these questions of creativity and communication.

The Nature of Arts Administration

Arts administrators, by the changing and evolutionary nature of the arts, must also be mutually creative. More than simple conveyors of artistic content from creators to audiences, arts administrators need to be re-imaginers and engaged and responsive problem-solvers, entrusted with producing, maintaining, re-envisioning, and transforming the organizations and platforms through which the arts can inspire conversation and change.

The Tenets of Effective Arts Administration

Arts administration is both intelligent and adaptive, taking into consideration the material, the creator and the artist’s intent and modifying existing platforms for artistic expression as new perspectives present themselves. Administration for the arts is by nature at once conversational, nimble, ethical, and visionary as a mediator between change and status quo.

The approach to an arts management degree at SAIC is defined by the concept of a creative practice that emphasizes teamwork, collaboration, and creative leadership. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago has contributed to the development of some of the world’s most influential designers, artists, and scholars for over 150 years. To learn more about a degree in arts management at SAIC, visit their website.

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