A Day on the River or Lake: Best Accessories to Take

Everyone loves a relaxing and fun day on the river or lake, especially when it’s a large group and the best accessories are involved. If you’re already planning for the upcoming spring and summer months, then you may want to add a few more items on your list. For those who are strapped for ideas, the suggestions below should be of use.

Here are a few of the best accessories to take with you to make the most out of your day:

Food, Drinks, and Music

A great event just isn’t possible without food, drinks, and music. When choosing what kind of items to take, you should take items that aren’t too messy and that are compatible with the location you are going to. If the weather is going to be particularly hot and sunny, then you should avoid taking alcohol with you.

Alcohol can be especially dangerous when mixed with heat and sunlight, as it leads to severe dehydration. In addition, it is best to avoid drinking while you are around a body of water. In terms of food, just bring everyone’s favorite snacks and items of lunch.

In terms of music, pick everyone’s favorite tunes and find a quality pair of speakers. This way, you can have a loud and rambunctious time.

Water Toys

There is nothing like some water sports to make your day at the river or ocean a memorable experience. Some of the best inflatable water toys include those that can be attached to boats or that allow you to lounge on the water under the warm sun. When choosing inflatable water toys, make sure that the accessories have enough seating to accommodate your group of people. You can also choose toys that have individual seating or that attach to a boat for a thrill.

If you’re planning on taking water toys with you, then it helps to also have a pump and patches on hand. If your inflatable toy starts releasing air, patch it up and pump air back into the inflatable. There are two types of pump that you can choose from: manual pumps and electric pumps.

As you can imagine, the electric pump works much faster and is easiest to operate. The main downside when it comes to electrical pumps is that they are more expensive, but sometimes the investment is well worth it.

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