A Criminal Attorney in Minneapolis, MN Protects a Client’s Legal Rights

by | Mar 30, 2015 | Attorney

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As soon as a person is arrested and charged with a crime, he should stop talking to the police and everyone else. The police have been known to place informers in jail cells with defendants. Whatever the defendant says to them can be used as evidence. Jails even monitor phone calls to family members. Any admission of guilt to a parent or spouse can also be used to convict them. Defendants should also refrain from making any comments or posting incriminating pictures on social media. Detectives have become very skillful using it to gather evidence. A defendant should speak with a Criminal Attorney in Minneapolis MN, as soon as possible to ensure that all of his rights are protected. For more information and help, contact Brandt Criminal Defense.

Police may only have a weak or circumstantial case. A criminal attorney will know how to find out about the evidence the police have against their client. A defendant may not know that the courts allow the police to lie to people they are questioning. The police may say or imply that they found the defendant’s fingerprints at the scene. The lawyer will demand to see proof of that statement. He also knows that not all fingerprints are reliable. Partial or smudged prints are not always easy to evaluate. Experts disagree how to analyze partial fingerprints. Some of them think that when two fingerprints have nine matching points, they are the same. Other experts believe that 15 identical points are necessary. Based on this knowledge, the Criminal Attorney in Minneapolis MN, may tell his client not to respond to any questions, because of partial fingerprint evidence.

A person cannot be arrested because he committed similar crimes in the past. If a woman is sexually assaulted in her apartment, the police may not automatically arrest a convicted rapist who lives next door. They may suspect him, but they have to find actual evidence that he assaulted her. The lack of an alibi is not cause to arrest someone. The arrested person should hire a lawyer to be present with him at all meetings with police, even before being charged with a crime. Legal advice will keep him from making any incriminating statements and may prevent his arrest.

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