A Contractor Who Provides Plumbing Service in Bellingham WA Fixes Problems With Noisy Pipes

Contractors who provide Plumbing Service in Bellingham WA can help homeowners resolve issues with noisy pipes that may not be causing any functional problems at the moment but nonetheless are annoying. Someone might be able to sleep through a flushing toilet and a faucet running for hand washing, but when the pipes start banging or clanging when water is turned on or off, that’s enough to wake up most people.

Noise When Turning Water Off

Because tap water is under pressure, there is a certain amount of shock to the system when someone turns the water on or off. Banging pipes when someone turns a tap off quickly is a common problem. This also can occur when a top-loading washing machine shuts off the flow of water after the tub is filled.

The water pressure might be too high or the cushioning air chambers might have become filled with water. Both of these situations can cause loud noises when water flow stops abruptly. A contractor with a plumbing service in Bellingham WA will also look for loose pipes that might be responsible and anchor them more effectively.

Water pressure can be lowered with a special valve or a water pressure regulator. Air chambers can be replenished by turning off the main water supply and draining water from the pipes, using the highest and lowest faucets in the building. When the water is out, the chambers have refilled with air.

Noise When Turning Water On

Pipes that are noisy as soon as water is turned on probably need additional anchoring by a plumber with an organization such as Lynden Sheet Metal, Inc. The pressure from the water causes the pipes to vibrate or jerk. Cushioning the pipes also helps.

The Importance of Repair Work

Even if loose pipes aren’t functionally problematic right now, they can gradually cause joints to loosen and start leaking. Then the homeowners have a much bigger issue to deal with. It’s best to have a plumber take a look, figure out what’s causing the noise, and make repairs. Click here for information on one particular plumbing company that offers repair service to residential customers.