A Cat Grooming Center Can Take Care of Your Cat’s Tangles

If your cat has long hair, you are no doubt familiar with the need for daily grooming. The coats of long-haired cats not only tangle easily but they also can mat. Therefore, a cat grooming center at a pet resort is a welcome place for most owners of long-haired cats.

Grooming Benefits Both Long-Haired and Short-Haired Cats

Even if your cat has short hair, regular grooming is helpful for maintaining your feline’s health and well-being. While a short-haired cat may not exhibit any mats, frequent brushing and grooming will reduce shedding and the amount of hair that is ingested during self-grooming.

Expert groomers working in the cat grooming center at places such as Animal Ark Pet Resort take great pride in taking care of the coats of both types of cat. When it comes to grooming your cat, the benefits can be immense. The following points support why grooming is necessary.

* Brushing, whether at home or a cat grooming center, distributes natural oils, which in turn maintains the skin and coat of a cat.

* Tangles can be addressed before they turn into mats.

* Grooming enables the groomer or cat owner to check for parasites such as ticks and fleas.

* Frequent grooming desensitizes a cat to being handled.

* Groomers can check for skin abnormalities or ear problems when a cat is routinely groomed.

* The more often the hair is brushed, the less hair a cat will swallow.

If you don’t have your cat regularly groomed at a grooming center or you neglect regular brushing at home, any tangles or mats that develop can make it difficult for a cat to walk. Also, mats that develop around the cat’s armpits can lead to a tearing of the skin. In addition, dense mats block a feline’s air circulation, which leads to wounds or notable skin irritations. The skin can be ripped as well if mats develop and grooming is not made to be a priority. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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